Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love Hedgehogs!

Cactus, that is.  They're often the first cactus to bloom each spring with large showy blossoms.  Several years ago I created a cactus mound in our backyard and planted a few varieties of hedgehogs upon it.

This variety is called "Bonkers" and that's exactly how it goes.

This one is usually called a strawberry hedgehog.

Our tangelo tree (a cross between tangerine and palmelo grapefruit) is just wrapping up its fragrant I used the macro setting on my camera to capture a foraging honeybee.  The blossom to her right has been fertilized and displays the tiny nub that will become a tangelo.

The bloom continues out next to our driveway...this wildflower is called scorpion weed because of the spiral-shaped blossom heads.

Parry's of my favorite wildflowers.

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