Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Flashback

*high-res photos are in my Odds and Ends gallery*

I've been needing to do this post simply because I got a few great pictures on our last Turkey Day.  As our tradition has it, we do the holiday either with Kirsteen's family in San Diego...or we truck off to the Anderson family holiday-potluck out in Happy Valley, a remote riparian hollow tucked into the farside of the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson.  Takes a good 90 minutes or so to get out there, and it's nothing but the autumn sycamores and local critters once you're there.

The story here is that we are not related to this Anderson family, not that we have been able to reckon anyhow.  Seems our ancestors all left Sweden back in the 1800s headed for Minnesota.  Their's made it all the way while mine never got farther than western New York.  We share a few names, some more common than others, such as the other Eric Anderson in the group, now eleven years old.

We've been joining this four-generation reunion in the woods ever since being invited more than a decade old friend of a friend from the old Single Campers of Tucson days that we'd met several times at other parties.  And so we imposter-Andersons have infiltrated the group, along with a collection of friends and acquaintances that have likewise fallen into the habit of joining this hungry crew in the beautiful outdoors.

Wildlife spottings have been common.  Coatimundi are often in troop this time of year...a real treat to have these interesting creatures hanging about.  I stalked this one for a hundred yards to get his photo.  Later on, a skunk made an appearance next to a tree not far from the dinner table.

It's not uncommon for a football game to break out.

A fallen but still living sycamore tree bridges a channel of the wash and provides a great amount of fun for the well as some great photo-ops.

To finish off I have a couple of videos from the day.  In the first one, a football play ends with some dusty wind while the next play ends with Brendan (a bit roughly) pulling down Eric rude!  The second video is kids on the sycamore bridge.

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