Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Aunt Felice

I can't take my thoughts off my Aunt Felice, who is in the hospital and not doing well.  She has been so good to us, especially since Brendan was born.  She worked all through Kirsteen's pregnancy to make the cross-stitch blanket pictured at right.  I wish I had been able to know her and my Uncle Howard better (and my cousins) when I was younger.  Time slips away all too fast.  Alas, our next visit to Illinois is likely to be a melancholy one.

My second thoughts are for my godson Drew, to whom I pass on a belated Happy 21st Birthday and 4th of July! (Let's see if you're reading my blog.)  As far as I'm concerned, the fireworks are still for you.  You're the first person I watched grow up in this world and it has been a special journey the whole way. I'd be more worried about you for this particular celebration, except for knowing that anything my parents should have been worried about I did before I was 21. Have fun with life, just be wise.

Onto my own updates:

Yay, no more antibiotics!!  After three different regimens, I can't imagine there are any bacteria left in my body that are immune to modern medicine.  The particular beastie giving me fevers was identified in the last of the plural fluid drawn out before the doc removed my catheter; a staph infection that likely got in through the incision.  No fevers in two weeks so things look really good.  Now it's just chemo symptoms, which I can deal with if it's working.  I just had scans to follow up on that front...results in a few days.  Otherwise, I'm in my happy place.  It's not a certain one, but the cruise control is engaged.

Swimming is a good place to be in the desert heat; we managed a few hours at a birthday party the weekend before last.  On the 4th, temperatures went down to (only) 99 degrees so we went out for a round of mini-golf.  Daddy ended up sitting out a third of the course on a shady bench but Brendan had a blast!! (And has done it again since.)  We finished off the day watching fireworks from a parking garage in downtown Tucson.  By the end of it, Brendan had declared that day to be one his best ever!

Bowling has also turned out to be a good family activity this summer...especially with a set of kids-bowl-free coupons.  I can't run but I can still throw a ball pretty hard.  We often bring along a playmate of Brendan's to double the fun.  And, oh, I can go in the hot tub again.  Blessed be the holy waters!  Yeah, we really do use it in the summertime.  Given my erratic sleeping patterns, sunrise is a cool and common time for that pleasure.

Finally we have Lego!  The project of the week has been the newly released Shuttle Adventure.  A guilty pleasure of fatherhood is an indulgence in the plastic creations.  Brendan was not so happy when I declared this purchase to be mine, though we struck a deal that I wouldn't glue anything together until he'd got to thoroughly smash the original build.  With that endeavor complete, a second more-permanent build has begun...though I foresee issues with the external tank, which Brendan has found to be an excellent hiding place for upwards of two dozen Lego people!

Up next...the end of The Stanton Line?  Oh no!!

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