Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rafting the Grand Canyon - Part Six

What can I say?  This last entry is going to be a bit anti-climactic as there is little to do but float for the last two days of the journey.

No longer trapped by the Inner Gorge, we have entered the geologic era of the Cenozoic Volcanics.  About a million years ago, volcanoes erupted near the western end of the canyon, flowing into and down the canyon for a distance of nearly 50 miles.

The river has now cut back through the lava leaving behind huge dikes with distinct layers of giant basalt crystals.  In some places you could see the old riverbed still trapped beneath the lava.

Need help?  A modified life bouy is ready for any emergency.

Two rafts can be seen running Mile 205 Rapid; the folks who chose to swim the rapid cannot be seen...but they had a great time.

Last camp at Mile 219.  By now, most folks are ready for it to be over...though it'll still be a bit of a transition back to civilization.

The day's last light...first up-river, then down.

Uh oh...the cooks are getting rowdy!

Body-painting is a popular activity.

...as is climbing the crags above camp.

Howie wakes up with some company.
Okay, he's just playing with cicada skins.

With just six miles to go, we begin our last float.

Diamond Peak marks the end of the journey.

Time to unload the rafts.

Our guides, two assistants and one very helpful passenger.  From left, Dennis, Dave, Renee, Kathryn, Jon, Kate, Howie and Bill.  Many kudos to all of our AzRA guides for their incredible service and making this the adventure of a lifetime!

The river-rat gang gathers for a group shot.  It's been great fun!

Can you imagine how happy this doggie is to see her people?!

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