Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DVD Reviews?

Heh, it gives me something to babble about, why not?  I don't get out to movie theaters much, but chemo-crashes give me time to watch shows at home.  Can't say my reviews will be timely or dealing with socially-conscious issues but it may give you insight into the mind of one member of the 35-49 American male demographic.

I just finished watching Idiocracy, a comedy by Mike Judge and coming on the heels of his success with Office Space.  The premise is one I have sometimes pondered regarding the fate of humanity.  Are we getting dumber as a species?  In this movie, a completely average Joe (as determined by Army Intelligence) is accidently put in suspended animation for 500 years, where he wakes up to a world inhabited by mindless idiots.  Now he's the smartest guy on Earth!

It's a thin plot with B-movie acting, but a short running time keeps the available laughs fresh.  Take it for what it is and I say it delivers.  Glad I didn't pay full price for it, but it was worth the $10 on sale.

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