Sunday, March 14, 2010

Special Dedications

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This is a post I've been composing for a while; coming back to it today lets me bury that last post and think about something else for a little while.  Pretty simple idea, a list of a dozen songs with some special dedications.  Each of the titles link to a streaming version of the song over at Free Napster...I was pretty amazed to find all of them in one place.  Then I was not so amazed to realize that Free Napster only gives you 25 free streams a month.  So, you can only play each song twice.  Got that?  Then let's go...

Hello My Baby  by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Kirsteen and I used this song for our wedding was quite a hit.  We knew LBM only from their work on Paul Simon's Graceland and "discovered" them at a live concert soon after we met.  For you, my baby!

Bravado  by Rush

If I am forced to choose just one favorite Rush song, this is it.  Though not directly spoken of in the lyrics, it speaks to me of a dignified and bittersweet acceptance of death...that love and the spirit are tangible things one can hold onto forever.  Something like that anyway.  For Onyx.

Where the Streets Have No Name  by U2

Joshua Tree, probably more than any other, is my coming-of-age album...very popular during my first years in Tucson.  The songs remind of those times when I was both as free as I have ever been and yet the never so unsure of where I was going.  For Chuck, who could sing it like Bono.

Wish You Were Here  by Pink Floyd

The whole album.  No other piece of music is attached to so many memories...mostly of past friends:  Listening to it all day while floating down the Bow River; making love to the one I had to let go; singing it with Angie in the prep fridge at work.  For Mark

You Can Go Your Own Way  by Fleetwood Mac

Having to let go of love can be the hardest thing in the world.  An old friend wrote this line in a card to me at a time when I needed to be reminded of it.  For Kim

If I Had a Million Dollars  by Barenaked Ladies

This is the coolest song ever...great to sing on road trips!  For your love.

Breathless  by The Corrs

Woohoo...this is the hottest song ever!  Sing it for me, Andrea!!

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word  by Elton John

For the one who wouldn't be wooed.

A Spaceman Came Traveling  by Chris de Burgh

Listening to this song, especially around Christmas time, is one of those "" moments of contemplation.  To give it away, de Burgh writes the traditional story of Jesus' birth, with the twist that the angel is an alien visitor...the Star is his spacecraft.  Quite moving...not kooky at all.  For a baby's cry.

Dancing in the Dark  by Bruce Springsteen

I really do hate Bruce Springsteen...except maybe three or four songs.  This is one of them.  For Angie.

Paradise By the Dashboard Lights  by Meat Loaf

Kirsteen thinks I hate Meat Loaf.  I don't really, but I was surprised to learn she is a fan...and here I thought she was a good girl.  I think this song had meaning for every teenager of my generation.  For Roxanna

"40"  by U2

80,000 people sang this song in Sun Devil Stadium at the close of the Rattle and Hum tour.  I dunno, maybe you had to be there.  (Turns out, Kirsteen and I were both there...years before we met.)  For Ever.

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